Design/Build is a system of contracting whereby the Architect, the General Contractor and the Owner join as a team to best meet the Owner's facility needs and budget. In the "traditional" contracting approach, the Owner would hire an Architect and spend the entire design fee for completed working drawings before he could be assured of his building cost. With that traditional approach, a very key member of the team, the General Contractor, is omitted from the planning and budget process.
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Sexton Construction can join with an Owner’s Architect to better fulfill the Owner’s goal of an attractive,functional structure completed within a specified budget. The Architect can prepare preliminary plans and elevations from which Sexton Construction prepares an itemized budget cost estimate. The Owner is shown all the actual figures and now he has solid design and cost information on which he can base his final space and budget decisions.

In Design/Build, Sexton Construction plays another important role in value engineering as the plans progress. We provide input as to the most economical method to structurally frame the building and we furnish alternate costs of various roof and exterior wall finishes.We bring in specialty subcontractors in the design phase to evaluate the most cost effective method to serve the building’s plumbing,heating and cooling and electrical designs.

Design/Build now represents more than 30% of all commercial and industrial construction in the United States. Sexton Construction is a proponent of this teamwork approach of combining honesty and trust with communication to meet an Owner’s needs.

Sexton Construction and the Architect are closely involved in producing a building which meets an Owner’s needs rather that merely acting as professional advisors and contractors to the Owner.

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Since 1986, Sexton Construction Corporation has specialized in negotiated Design/Build commercial construction in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The firm holds an Unlimited GC License in the states of Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.